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     If our coffees seem to you to have a rich and old fashioned quality to them, it is not your imagination. It is something that we have strived for, regardless of the cost. We know some say these blends are too expensive to produce. That nobody today will purchase coffees with a quality that was once considered common. We refuse to believe that there is no longer a market for a great cup of coffee.
Our Coffees:
     Currently our coffees are offered in both Whole Bean and Freshly Ground.
Viktoria's Blend Coffee      Our first and signature coffee.  The story behind this blend is that it really was developed for our Roasters Wife.  A coffee that was a labor of love.  It is a bright coffee that is full bodied without being harsh and over-powering.  With smooth and pleasant hints of citrus and wine, it finishes clean on the palate.
Captain's Blend Coffee      This is an old blend that you do not see much of any more, again because of it's cost, but we like it.  It is a blend not for the faint of heart.  Like most of our coffees, a one-hundred-per-cent Arabica blend.  Rich, full bodied, fruity, winey, earthy, and intense.
Captain, The Big Red Dog
South America Blend Coffee      At the southern end of the Caribbean where the isthmus joins the South American Continent is the Country of Colombia.  A country usually one of the three top coffee producers.  Home to all of the coffees that currently make up our South America Blend.  Sweet and medium bodied with a nutty undertone.
Espresso Blend Coffee      In any given year approximately five to fifteen per-cent of the Robusta coffee crop is of great quality.  Besides a higher caffine content, Robusta has a unique characteristic of making better crema, the rich foam topping of an espresso.  Dixie Bay Coffee Espresso Blend has a percentage of high-quality Robusta in the blend, giving it a superior crema.  It is also full of natural sweetness that, together, makes for a perfect espresso or as a great begining for a rich creamy latte.
Caribbean Mash Flavored Coffee     Our take on a popular flavored coffee but made from a one-hundred-percent Arabica coffee.  The flavor is essence of rum and nuts and chocolate.  Usually you will see this flavored coffee named for the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles.
Hospitality Blend Coffee      A less acidic coffee, that is soft with a little, almost delicate, earthy flavor. Perfect for everyday.
Hospitality Bold Coffee      While you will find it similar to our regular Hospitality Blend, it is a tad darker because some of the coffee in its blend is french roasted. This gives it that commensurate fuller flavor.
     There is a race to the bottom in the quality of coffee in the industry today, pricing pressure being what it is.  Yes people will tell you about how specialty coffee is coming into its own, and isn’t that wonderful, and all the while throwing a few more cheap robusta beans (or worse) into their blend.  There has always been price pressure in all businesses, and even we will admit that these are interesting, and trying; times, but that is no excuse for a truly horrible and pathetic cup of coffee.  It is no wonder that sales of flavored creamers are at an all time high. One needs the creamer because one cannot drink the coffee.  All of our coffees can be taken straight.
     First, please understand that we recycle.  That means we recycle boxes from our suppliers. We like to save trees when we can.  This also means we re-cycle those styrofoam peanuts.  We don't throw them out, we pass them on...
     At the present time, our products are for sale to the Continental 48 United States only.  We hope to include other locations at a later date.  Shipping charges are a flat $7 on all orders up to $125.  Free shipping on orders over $125.  All orders are shipped within 48 hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm EST.
     We accept returns only on UN-OPENED merchandise, for which we will refund the original purchase price. E-mail us at for return shipping information.
About Us:
     Our original background is in the marketing and sales of spiritous and of viniferous beverages.  Our goal with the coffees of Dixie Bay is to produce a group of coffees in the mold of the great Champagne houses.  To put it another way, we want to make the best tasting blended coffee possible, consistently.
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